Spiders get the bugs that bite us but that we can’t see. Spiders are cool. Spiders are just another part of the bigger network of life that emerges, that we’ve always been part of. Not scary – actually friendly if you are friendly to it.

Try leaving space for spiders in your home. Leave as much space as you use.

Spiders are cool – just be cool about it. Don’t be afraid of spiders. Spiders might be creepy but if you give them a chance you might like them. Anything you are going to do to try to get rid of spiders has a chance of hurting you more than the chance of it getting rid of spiders.

There’s this one spider that keeps putting itself in my way. It’s a big old monster, with a butt the size of a thumb. I thought I’d figured out how to get rid of it finally, but it just keeps coming back. Maybe it’s not the same spider. Maybe it’s one of the original spider’s descendants.

Next time I see a big, thumb sized butt spider, I’m going to see if I can move it or keep it alive in some way instead of killing it. Maybe if I toss it a big fat bug it can keep it busy enough to move it somewhere there’s going to be more bugs? That’s a better plan than killing a spider, because spiders are cool.

I hope I’m not making a mistake being friendly to a little spider/big spider and don’t get overrun by spiders. I don’t think that’s really a big deal though because ultimately there’s not that many bugs to make spiders.

So the spiders will help us keep the numbers of bugs down, and spiders are a lot like us, so they don’t like overcrowding anyway. That’s probably why the little babies know to spread out and scurry away from once another. They’re cute when they do that because it’s a programmed, natural behavior and they don’t even know where they came from. They just scurry. Cute!





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