This blog focuses on online advertising and marketing. How does online advertising work? What makes online adversting effective relative to traditional advertising? What can I do to make my online advertising more effective?

Lots of things are discovered during the practice of online advertising, particularly when there’s the time, resources and know-how to test what works. Some things will be shared, some can only be alluded to. The knowledge gained on a client’s campaigns belongs to the client, and that includes advertising effectiveness knowledge, but that doesn’t mean generalities can’t be discussed. This is where these findings can be shared.

Nobody should invest in advertising unless there’s certainty of success – a little Sun Tzu for the ad world. Its true; without knowing that an ad or publication will perform it would be foolish to throw money at it, but that’s what too many advertising agencies do. They go on hunches and suppositions and all too often fail. There’s no excuse for that – not today.

The Click Whisperer is a persona of Jason Pelish of Massive Impressions.

Somewhere amidst the hipsters and screeching medusae, in the middle of a fire drill, he broke. No longer was he willing to cower in his technological bubble, sated in the niche he carved above the flow of people and their numbers.

This blog is a result. It’s the effect of years analyzing the meta-patterns, culminating in a right brained conception. It’s a meta-effort to explore the things that make us feel, and how we feel about those things that make us feel.

Where is the click? Is it on the page? Is it on the link? No.

This blog is about the click being between the keyboard and the chair, on the other side of the glass screen. When two similar ads receive different results, this blog peels apart the WHY.