How The Trump Campaign Strategy Killed Ads

I'm going to tell you what was most significant about this election: how well the Trump Campaign Strategy did relative to the amount of money he spent. He's revealed...

When does Content Marketing Storytelling Cross the Line into Lying?

Content Marketing Storytelling is a powerful means to get audience engagement. The problem with stories is that some of them aren't true. Some are fiction; completely made up. They're...

10 Different Types of Fake Facebook Accounts

Fake Facebook Accounts are accounts people establish that aren't representative of them as a real person. Facebook intends for all of its users to practice some sincerity when identifying...

View my Vine Videos

2017 UPDATE - VINE IS NO MORE!!! You can't find those awesome Vines I embedded because they're not around any more, Vine is closed for good. Can you believe it?...

Online Marketing Tactics: The Good, The Bad and The Grey Area

Want to take risks in marketing? With great risks come great rewards. With digital technology there are always new online marketing tactics being discovered and tested out. There is...

How many Facebook Profiles are really fake?

Here's an interesting article that appeared on about fake Facebook Profiles:'s not much more about it on Mashable, but it's interesting to hear what the Mashable audience says.

Why make a Google+ Page and a shortened URL pointing to it?

Besides putting a +1 Button on your site, setting up a Google+ Page for both yourself and your business is also a REALLY, REALLY GOOD IDEA.

Robots, Shills, Payola, Fake Followers and Likes in Social Media’s Wild West

The Broadcaster's Role Changes Long before there was anything called Social Media, media would pour in one direction only - from the broadcaster to the listeners. There were a few...

Sad QR Code Failures & Tactics that DO Work

  Is there a wrong way to use QR codes? You bet. The majority of QR codes I've seen printed on products and in magazines aren't going to work for a...

Win an 8-Ball on Facebook

  Want to win a real 8-ball, the kind that makes decisions for you ? All you need to do is enter to win on The Click Whisperer Facebook Page....