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You can’t find those awesome Vines I embedded because they’re not around any more, Vine is closed for good. Can you believe it? There were people who built and based their Twitter-famousness exclusively around Vine. They had hundreds and thousands of followers. Poof. Gone. All that time and investment is now nothing. There’s an interesting lesson to be learned, that the digital world can disappear overnight.

I love to view Vine videos – not because of any effectiveness it brings to the marketing and advertising industry, but because it’s simply fun to play with. Here I’ve got some embedded into the page itself so you can view Vine videos online, and not just inside the app.

view vine videos made by meVine is extremely easy to use. What makes it easy is the way videos are made. There’s no editing or splicing video clips together. Instead all you do is hold your finger down on the screen for as long as you want the video to record; letting your finger up stops recording. You’ll hear me say “tap” in one of these videos because I was telling someone else how to do it.

If you go to the Vine website you’ll discover that there’s no social functionality for the desktop experience – it’s mobile only. You can only create social relationships, Followers, through the app. The follower/following dynamic works the same way as twitter. You follow people and they’ll probably reciprocate.

A great way to share your Vine videos, for blog posts like this one, is to embed them in tweets.
That’s what I’m doing below with this collection of 6 second looping videos made by yours truly.

transView Vine Videos I made.

This first video shows how a nice head of sugary foam is created for espresso.
Note the tools, containers and ratios I use.


This next Vine video is the first one I uploaded.

I was driving north at the end of the day and the sunset was pretty.
I like the swipey sound in the background.

This is simply a nice campfire at a ranch in Central Florida, at a place called Westgate River Ranch Resort.

All of a sudden these 9 & 10 boys started fighting.

Three was no rhyme or reason to it.
It broke up before any grown-ups got involved.
I couldn’t resist making a little Vine out of it.



This is my favorite of all the Vine videos I’ve made.
click-click-clickety-click, click-click-click, click-clickety-click-click-click, Yes I won!



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