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    Feed Title: Marketing Dive - Latest News
    - Peter Adams

    Colleen DeCourcy, who built a reputation during a decade with the decorated agency, helped develop the Snapchat owner’s first Oscars campaign this year.  

    - Chris Kelly

    While a typical paid media program through Target costs more than $50,000, Roundel Media Fund participants would receive the same reach for $5,000.

    - Chris Kelly

    Leveraging Yahoo's ad-tech capabilities, the offering follows other brands selling digital media as advertisers look to better target consumers.

    - Sara Karlovitch

    The new Royalty Free Bot, which will be hosted on Discord, provides music from BudxRecord’s lineup that streamers can use in their videos.

    - Peter Adams

    An immersive mobile experience tied to the Netflix show’s return uses facial recognition and eye-tracking technology to help users order pizza.

    Agency uses broadcast and multi-touch attribution data to improve audio advertising performance.

    Understand the benefits and limitations of virtual, hybrid and in-person events while learning how to structure tickets and prices to deliver the value that attendees and sponsors want.

    - Sara Karlovitch

    Teaming up with DaHouse, the brand created a synthesizer that was used for the audio logo, sounds inside Kia vehicles and an album by metaverse artist Wave.

    - Daphne Howland

    John Aylward will help advance the retailer's omnichannel strategy and oversee marketing strategy, creative, visual merchandising and more.

    - Natalie Koltun

    New tools help users manage interactions with advertisers, including blocking or reporting content and viewing an ad’s funding sources and targeting metrics.


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