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    Feed Title: Marketing Tech News
    - Duncan MacRae

    Facebook has been named the most influential social media platform for Brits’ buying habits, new research has discovered. Survey data from FCA-regulated credit broker has lifted the lid on how social media impacts Brits’ buying habits which, in turn, can aid companies’ marketing efforts. A nationally representative survey of 2,000 Brits found that Facebook... Read more » The post 3 in 5 Brits regret their social media influenced spending appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Jake Athey

    “Content” – as Bill Gates once famously said – “is king.” And yet, despite this, 83% of marketers claim to struggle when it comes to creating and managing content that can be rapidly released across their digital platforms. The digital experience management (Digital XM) systems most organisations use are complex, expensive, and outdated, holding businesses... Read more » The post Using martech to prevent a poor digital customer experience appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Nick Watson

    A best-in-class loyalty program goes way beyond traditional ‘points-for-purchase punchcards’. There’s also no one-size-fits-all customer loyalty template. The key to success is a data-driven loyalty strategy that combines customer data to create unique, personalised offers, resulting in increased engagement and revenue, according to András Szöcs, senior director and head of customer programs and centre of... Read more » The post Can your customer loyalty program pass the ‘grandma test’? appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Duncan MacRae

    Although 42% of British consumers were encouraged to go paperless last year and nearly half were offered incentives to do so, only about 24% did, with just half of respondents happy to go paperless. This is according to a survey by Royal Mail Marketreach, which was the organisation’s biggest research programme in five years aimed... Read more » The post 83% of consumers want to choose whether to receive comms by mail or email appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Duncan MacRae

    Five years after the EU commission fined Google 2.4 billion Euros ($2.65 billion) and ordered it to open up its Google Shopping service in Europe to external competition, a new study suggests around 53% of ads on the platform in the UK, still originate from Google itself – up from around 49% in 2019. The... Read more » The post Five years after EU antitrust fine, 53% of UK Google Shopping ads still come from Google appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Karel Schindler

    In the marketing and advertising space, 2020 was a transformational year. The huge growth in online retail and ecommerce brought about by the pandemic led marketing professionals to alter their strategies and dedicate more of their budget to digital channels. In fact, 76% of professionals in the marketing field are planning to increase spend on... Read more » The post How marketers can reduce overspend in digital advertising appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Duncan MacRae

    Premium vodka brand Grey Goose has launched three flavours under its new Grey Goose Essences belt with an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) installation at Heathrow Airport’s Duty Free, developed by specialist metaverse creative agency, Swipe Back. The brand challenged the agency, which specialises in immersive experiences, to build awareness of its expanding portfolio of products... Read more » The post Grey Goose launches new flavours with AR experience appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Duncan MacRae

    Primark has unveiled the latest stage in its digital strategy with the launch of its new website. Created to better connect the journey between searching online and then shopping in store, the new site features thousands of products from across Primark’s best-selling ranges, as well as a fresh design, enhanced navigation and a new feature... Read more » The post Primark steps up role of digital with launch of new website appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Duncan MacRae

    Recent data shows email marketing continues to sit comfortably as U.K. consumers’ preferred channel for receiving offers, content, incentives, and rewards from brands. In fact, when it comes to driving sales, email beats paid social and display advertising by up to 128% in the U.K. This is 20% higher than consumers globally, 57% higher than... Read more » The post What it takes to stand out with your email marketing strategy appeared first on Marketing Tech News.

    - Dustin Deno

    The buying landscape has changed. Two thirds of B2B buyers in the last year preferred remote human interactions and digital self-service over traditional buyer experiences – indicating that we’re seeing the end of old school selling. Buyers have more power than ever before, demanding smarter, more flexible, and quicker routes to purchase. The sales cycle... Read more » The post Marketing effectively in today’s multifaceted buying landscape appeared first on Marketing Tech News.


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