Everybody’s got a marketing opinion. Here’s my marketing opinion.


marketing opinionMany marketing pros like to share their marketing opinion. Here you’ll hear mine. There’s lots of advice floating around on the web about how to increase the impact of your marketing efforts but its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. What works and what doesn’t? Its hard to know what advice to follow and what works the best with the least amount of effort. Here I’ll divulge what I’ve observed to be effective.

In this blog I plan on getting expletive and letting out “opinions otherwise reserved” out of an attempt to remain impartial and untainted by bias. Having done time as a scientist left me with a sense of guilt in the absence of  second guessing. I’m taking off that lab coat, and taking off the gloves – no distance here – this is an account from down in the trenches, from the viscera of online marketing. Here are my views, my opinions on marketing.

Why does my marketing opinion count?

I’ve been doing work online since before there was an internet. I went to college for computer programming  when I was eleven and started doing professional programming when I was fourteen. When the Internet became public in 1995 I had already published and engaged online for years through AOL and Compuserve, back in the days of squawking modem lines and waiting in line for BBS access.

During my first professional online marketing job I had practically zero marketing opinions. I didn’t have one lick of formal schooling in marketing studies. All I could do was project myself onto my audience and treat them as if they were me. Later I discovered the folly of doing this and how you have to untrust your intuition and collect real data to act on.

I’ve been working online since, gathering new findings each and every day. Keep coming back to this blog frequently and you’ll hear my marketing opinion.



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