Don’t grasp at straws in your quest for viral


Does it take a degree in microbiology to understand what viral means? Why are so many marketing efforts clamoring to produce something viral, but only end up grasping at straws?

Everyone’s trying to tap into it, and some have even got the emperor believing in his clothes.

Something is viral when more the rate that it’s shared is exponential. It takes off. You’ve got to find what’s compelling to the audience and that they feel good about sharing among peers. It’s not easy  – you could follow all 10 of those tips and still be a million miles away from viral.

Here’s one tip: Ask people who know your business: your employees, your clients, your industry and your neighbors. Explain to them what viral means and the value of it towards your brand. Ask them to think about it and talk about it with you. It’s a longshot that you’d come up with something truly viral, but if there’s a potential for it, this is the best way to start discovering it.


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