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    - Ad Age Staff

    Marketing and media events to watch in the next seven days.

    The virtual 2021 Ad Age Next: CMO conference is Dec. 1 and 2.

    - Brian Bonilla, Keira Wingate

    Also, find out what you get when you combine brisket with a turkey.

    - Ad Age Staff

    Tracking how marketers are trying their hand at non-fungible tokens. 

    - Ad Age and Creativity Staff

    A weary astronaut contemplates retirement in the latest from E-Trade.

    - Ann-Christine Diaz

    Fresh off 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' the father-and-son duo teamed on latest 'Shot on iPhone' spot

    NFTs have exploded in popularity this year with the help of collectors, speculators and celebrity endorsers stirring up hype.

    - Ad Age and Creativity Staff

    “The Late Show” host riffed on Ad Age’s recent reporting on the supply chain crisis.

    - Thomas Kolster

    Stop the preaching and start helping average consumers live better lives, one small act at a time.  

    - Jason Mitchell

    Blockchain-controlled community building could mean major shifts in the way brands connect to consumers.


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