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    - Garett Sloane

    Former Facebook ad leader takes new role at Disney as the company pursues a fresh digital ad strategy.

    - Ad Age and Creativity Staff

    GoDaddy says, “Small business ‘firsts’ never stop coming.”

    - Garett Sloane

    Here are the billionaire's private deliberations that led to his attempt to buy Twitter and then back out.

    - Michael McCarthy

    Hollywood is interested in the character after Manning disguised himself as a walk-on quarterback trying out at Penn State.

    Also: Macroeconomic news in a nutshell, your guide to Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2022, and more.

    - Paige O'Neill

    Adding in-person experiences back into the marketing mix needs a new vision as well as adaptability, to effectively blend both digital and the physical connections.

    - Jon Springer

    The brand's first national ad seeks to introduce grocery shoppers not familiar with its digital story.

    - Rachel Segall and Simone Oppenheimer

    Clear, actionable steps are needed to guide teams toward common goals.

    - Adrianne Pasquarelli, E.J. Schultz

    Fenty gets bump from Rihanna’s upcoming Super Bowl halftime appearance and AB InBev tops marketing effectiveness ranking—plus, snarky reactions to Kenvue, J&J’s name for a spinoff.

    - Garett Sloane

    Amazon's 'Thursday Night Football' draws fewer viewers than Fox did, but the data is in the details for brands that locked in deals.


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