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    - Jack Neff

    The actor and co-founder of EDO to discuss the state of media measurement and how an award-winning actor came to be a player in the business.

    - Rachel Segall and Simone Oppenheimer

    Hoping to make a lasting impression? Lead with your partner’s needs and interests.

    - Ad Age Staff

    Tracking how marketers are trying out non-fungible tokens.

    Video game publisher EA has yet to release any major titles in 2022 and is still dealing with fallout from Battlefield 2042.

    - Asa Hiken

    The franchise boasted its partnership with a cryptocurrency that is currently crashing.

    Electronic Arts and soccer governing body fail to come to terms.

    Twitter Inc. was “foolish in the extreme” in kicking former President Donald Trump off its service, and permanent bans should be extremely rare, said Elon Musk.

    - E.J. Schultz

    Harris inspired and installed a creative culture inside the brewer and is remembered for always putting people first.

    - Ad Age and Creativity Staff

    Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid stars in the latest from

    The results suggest Peloton’s comeback effort is still a long way from taking hold.


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