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    Overseas makers will need to apply with the agency to make shipments to the U.S., and safety and quality checks will follow.

    The ruling, which found the 2018 law violated the state constitution’s equal protection clause, marked the second legal setback in as many months for efforts to mandate board diversity.

    The ability of Lordstown Motors to stay in business for at least another year remains in doubt until it secures more funding and its market value rises, its finance chief said after the electric-truck maker sold its factory to raise cash.

    JetBlue launched a hostile takeover attempt for discount carrier Spirit Airlines, after Spirit rejected JetBlue’s $3.6 billion offer in favor of an existing deal with Frontier Airlines.

    Poland has been the key European holdout in a taxation policy agreement negotiated by the U.S. treasury secretary.

    The company will sell its business in Russia, joining a raft of Western companies leaving as the war in Ukraine continues. It expects to post a charge of between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion in connection with the move.

    Microsoft’s CEO is promising to boost employee compensation amid continued low unemployment across the U.S. and high inflation.

    The electric-vehicle startup said the pricing dispute could impact production of an electric van ordered by Amazon.

    Secretary-General António Guterres offers to lower barriers to Russian and Belarusian potash exports.

    The chief executive of Ryanair Holdings took aim at the planemaker’s sales team and its 737 MAX delivery schedule and said the company needed to reboot its commercial-aircraft division.

    Funding is suddenly scarce as venture capital firms grow stingy, forcing young companies to get frugal and focus on breaking even. “This is clearly not a speed bump.”

    Group that played online now competes in England’s semi-pro leagues; Toby Aromolaran goes to ‘Love Island’

    New York Fed chief reiterates the central bank is moving aggressively to lower inflation and he expects that inflation will moderate next year.

    The company now expects sales to fall due as supply-chain disruptions and retail slowdowns take a toll.

    China’s economy descended deeper into a Covid-induced doldrums last month, raising questions about whether Beijing’s planned stimulus measures can prevent a prolonged downturn.

    Power-grid operators are pushing older coal- and gas-fired plants to keep running to bolster electricity supplies, raising concerns about maintenance levels and fair compensation.

    Disagreements over legislation designed to boost U.S. competitiveness against China are clouding its prospects in Congress, as lawmakers enter a period of make-or-break negotiations.


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