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    The Bank of Mexico raised its reference interest rate for an 11th straight time Thursday, citing greater-than-expected price shocks that will keep inflation above target for longer than it had previously estimated.

    Mortgage rates are more than double where they were a year ago, adding pressure to the already cooling U.S. housing market.

    Initial jobless claims decreased to a seasonally adjusted 193,000 last week, the lowest since late April.

    A persistent economic puzzle is why the labor market is still strong amid slowing growth and high inflation. Many employers say they continue to struggle with staffing shortages and are reluctant to cut head count.

    The price cap marks a response to growing concerns that a wave of insolvencies could wash over the country and disrupt the supply chains serving Germany’s largest industrial sectors.

    The telehealth startup treated a 17-year-old and prescribed him an antidepressant without his parents’ consent. The company said the treatment was appropriate and the case was an outlier.

    As beef profit margins come off high levels, Tyson changes executives heading finance, prepared foods and international operations.

    The civil lawsuits also name a gun retailer, gun dealer, the accused shooter and his father

    The oil company closed the sale of its Chevron Park campus in San Ramon, Calif., its global headquarters for two decades, and plans to move into a nearby leased space about one-third of the size.

    The addition brings the electric-vehicle maker’s board size back to eight seats.

    A New York private-equity firm has purchased Apotex Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc., the Canadian generic-drug maker founded by billionaire Barry Sherman, who was murdered along with his wife at his Toronto home five years ago.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other groups asked a federal court to stop the CFPB from looking for discriminatory behavior when conducting routine examinations of financial firms.

    The wearable and automated iLet device from Beta Bionics manages blood-sugar levels with less user input.

    The plaintiff alleged the online casino operator it ignored game flaws and offered money to prevent him from alerting regulators.

    Mr. James joins a group of investors that includes fellow NBA players Draymond Green and Kevin Love in the purchase of a Major League Pickleball expansion team.

    The business news organization said it experienced two apparently related hacks, resulting in obscene and racist push notifications being sent to Apple News users.

    Unlike in years past, Amazon held back on the wacky. Instead, it expanded products and functionality in its most popular lines.

    Executives at Meta Platforms privately told rights groups that security concerns prevented them from releasing details of its investigation into hate speech on its services in India.


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